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On the Break (1961)

Resting in Vienna (1961)

Participants of the 1961 World Championship in Vienna are taking break between training and competitions: Left to right: Alexander Kurynov (Kazan, 75kg), Rudolf  Plyukfelder (Shakhty, 82.5kg), Yury Vlasov (Moscow, 90+kg), Vasily Stepanov (Riga, 90kg)...


Arnold Golubovich

Arnold Golubovich (1945-2000) was an outstanging light heavyweight of the late 1960s – early 1970s. He was a word records holder and a bronze medalist of the USSR championship (1969). Golubovich was a milestone athlete in...



June 12, 1978 – Olympic champion of Montreal (1976), Nikolay Kolesnikov of Shakhty, Russia competes at the 1978 European Championship in Havirov, Czechoslovakia. Kolesnikov won the tournament with the 290kg total (125+165) in the...