Team CCCP Weightlifting (1981)


History in Color:

Team USSR Weightlifting (Head coach A.Prilepin, June 19 1981) in the training in Feodosia (left to right):

Front row:
G. Baldin (massage therapist), V. Mazin (60kg, Shakhtinsk, Kazakhstan), Viktor Sots (100kg, Donetsk, Ukraine), G.Bessonov (90kg, Shakhty, Russia), V. Polonsky (52kg, Moscow, Russia), N. Zakharov (56kg, Kemerovo, Russia), X1, A. Avsetov (67.5kg, Moscow, Russia), B. Ryzhik (52kg, Zaporozhie, Ukraine), S. Arakelov (100kg, Krasnodar, Russia);

Middle row:
A.Prilepin (Head coach), Yu.Chernyshev (75kg, Ilovaysk, Ukraine), V.Kravchuk (110kg, Krivoy Rog, Ukraine), A.Pervy (82.5kg, Donetsk, Ukraine), K.Osmanaliev (52kg, Frunze, Kirgizia), V.Klokov (110kg, Malakhovska, Russia), V.Naumenkov (coach);

Top row:
X3, X4, Yu.Nozdrin (team doctor), P.Alaev (coach), A.Pisarenko (110+kg, Kiev, Ukraine), P.Syrchin (100kg, Perm, Russia), X5, G.Pisarevsky (coach), X6, A.Rykov (coach), Lobachev (coach), L.Taranenko (110kg, Minsk, Belarus), S.Itkin (coach), X6, X7, Yu.Vardanyan (90kg, Leninakan, Armenia).

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