Team USA in Egypt (1955)


History in Color:
June 1955 – As part of a historical 1955 Team USA Weightlifting Tour to USSR, Egypt and Iran, American weightlifters competed in the weightlifting matches in Cairo and Alexandria (Egypt).

The cover photo is a color version of the black-and-white original photo from the photoarchives of the Kabbas Family (left to right):

Mahmoud Fayad, x, Joe Pitman (USA, 67.5kg), Nicolas Kabbas, Paul Anderson(USA, 90+kg), Chuck Vinci, x,x,x, Dave Sheppard (USA, 90kg), Stan Stanczyk (USA, 82.5kg), Antoine Kabbas, Gabriel Kabbas.

1955 Team USA Weightlifting in Egypt
Location: Cairo, Alexandria (Egypt)

Tournament Results

Class Date Rank Athlete’s Name Total Lifts
67.5 kg 6/23/1955 1 Joe PITMAN 335 100+100+135
75 kg 6/23/1955 1 Tommy Tamio KONO 407.5 127.5+120+160
82.5 kg 6/23/1955 1 Stanley STANCZYK 397.5 127.5+120+150
90 kg 6/23/1955 1 David SHEPPARD 427.5 132.5+127.5+167.5
90+ kg 6/23/1955 1 Paul ANDERSON 510 175+142.5+192.5
67.5 kg 6/25/1955 1 Joe PITMAN 337.5 105+97.5+135
75 kg 6/25/1955 1 Tommy Tamio KONO 375 120+110+145
82.5 kg 6/25/1955 1 Stanley STANCZYK 412.5 132.5+122.5+157.5
90 kg 6/25/1955 1 David SHEPPARD 432.5 137.5+130+165
90+ kg 6/25/1955 1 Paul ANDERSON 490 175+140+175

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please follow the link associated with their names.

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