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  1. Artur, being born and raised in communist country, I experienced first hand the brainwashing the system does to its people. It starts from kindergarten and continues all the way through the University, where you have mandatory classes “Marxism Leninism” and History of the Communist Party. By the time you graduate, you are completely brainwashed. And of course religion was forbidden, the only God for those people is the dictator, the head of the Communist Party.

    • achidlovski says:

      Alexander, it’s very true.
      I always thought your story could make a great book or film. Being an elite athlete in Bulgaria in the 1970s, winning a silver medal at the Olympics and then going to America despite all odds.
      At that time, when people were leaving their countries behind Iron Curtain, it was understood that they’ll never be able to see home again.
      I never knew the details – of course, media in Russia didn’t do much publicity about this.
      I heard bits and pieces from U.S. coaches here (Marty Schnorf) who helped at the beginning to start in the new country…

    • achidlovski says:

      Hi Alexander,
      I just added Championships of Bulgaria (1948-2000) to the Lift Up project.
      They are available in BETA version at .
      Best regards,

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