Our Prayers And Thoughts Are With Norbert Schemansky Now


Grandpa Schemansky is not doing the best with health at this time, 92 years old and is in 24 hour care. Please send prayers for the Norbert Schemansk. Thanks.
Stephen Petro (Flat Rock MI, USA, 8/8/2016)

Our prayers and thoughts are with Norbert Schemansky now.

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8 Responses

  1. Alfonso Alfredo Rodriguez says:

    I started lifting as a teenager in the mid 1960’s and my goal was to make it to the Olympics, which I did in 1972. No medals but it was worth it. One of my idols was Norbert Schemansky. He sacrificed a lot for the sport and outside of weightlifting circles, he did not receive much recognition. He is one of less than a handful of lifters that won medal in 4 Olympics. Only Pyrros Dimas and Ronny Weller come to mind. I really hope your health improves Mr Schemansky, may you live to be a 100 years old.

  2. Leonard Barash says:

    My prayer is that you get well soon. American weightlifting needs you as a living inspiration about what is possible if you work hard and train drug free. I am 81 years old and still work out on gym machines.

  3. Patrick Machnik, Maplewood Minnesota, USA says:

    I was lucky enough to workout with Norbert at a little gym over on 8 Mile Road. I competed with him in two Michigan State Championships as well as the 1960 National Championships. In the 1960 Michigan Championships he missed 325 lb in the press and then called for 350 and made it for a state record. At the 1960 Nationals, he was called for a knee touch in the snatch and threw the weight forward. The bar didn’t reach the referee. That was fortunate because the referee was my barber. At the 1960 Michigan Championships, I introduced him to my dad and Norbert called me champ! You know that made my day.

  4. PAUL OHEARN says:

    I have had the great honor of seeing Norb Schemansky lift numerous times in the 1960’s and feel that he and Tommy Kono are the best in Weightlifting. Good luck and hope you recover soon Norb.

  5. Stephen Petro says:

    I just learned tonight that my grandpa Norbert Szymanski may only have a few more days left to live on this Earth he has been in a lot of pain and went through a lot he’s almost 93 years old but I appreciate all the information of him on your website and the great pictures and videos thank you very much

  6. Karen Sherman Ketover, MI, USA says:

    I see the kids were up late last night. I will be going downstate for the funeral. I have no idea yet when but it will be a private one. Thanks for everything you have posted about Norb. I wish he had really understood his “fame” in the world of weightlifting.

  7. stephen petro, flat rock mi, USA says:

    Norbert Schemansky has passed on to the other side he was 92 years old Thanks for all the great comments on the page my family loves to hear all of these so we can learn more about one of the greats in this sport thank you

  1. August 19, 2016

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