Triple Testing For Drug Usage In Russia

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2 Responses

  1. Alfonso Alfredo Rodriguez says:

    Only Klishina the long jumper, has been cleared to compete in track and field and that under the neutral Olympic flag, not Russia’s. How about the weightlifting team, it seems they are out too. Same for Ilia Ilin and most of the Kasach team both men and women. The composition of the Olympics are going to be interesting, at least in weightlifting. Most world and Olympic records are going to be safe at least they is a chance that most athletes will be clean for the games. The fact is that PED’s are pervasive in sports where there is money involved regardless of the amount. Make the Olympics amateur again and establish separate games for professionals; called them the Corporate Games and if they want to blow out their internal organs with drugs, let them do so.

  2. achidlovski says:

    Great thoughts. Interesting to hear! I think modern Olympics evolved to something that is quiet different from the initial roots, even from what it was in the end of 20th century. It will be interesting to find out what the Games will be in the upcoming years.

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