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Just a few highlights from today’s photoshoot in the Belle Isle Marshes. Details and more photos are coming in the later postings.

Overall, many birds left the premises with migrations. I guess red-winged blackbirds are now resting under the sun somewhere in Florida or Central America…


A cedar waxwing proudly observed the neighborhood from the top of the tree…


Robins love the Belle Isle area and I do love these handsome little fellas.

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A mourning dove was enjoying the grass in the shadows of the entrance area.


If anyone was present in the marshes, it was a mocking bird. Quiet a few of them really had a good time in the field.

I made several interesting shots of them and will share those after processing the photos of today.

Otherwise, it’s too much :-) A total mocking bird attack :-).

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There were couple of the goldfinches flying over the Belle Isle. One of them didn’t mind to be on camera.


Here is a close-up of a juvenile mocking bird and…


a shot of adult mocking birds observing the area from the same shrub.


It was a nice relaxing photo session. Thank you guys for letting me making pictures of you.


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