Прощай, Атланта! Здравствуй, Виннипег!

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  1. nikstutas says:

    это радует.
    я с нхл познакомился по книжке Бобби Халла в 73 году. И потому всякие командочки типа финикс. тампа и прочие атланты меня не оч радуют)
    консерватор видимо.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Час назад говорил на бегу с Антроповым. На вопрос “Ну что, Виннипег?” получил ответ “Да, наверное…”

    Alex N

  3. bataragi says:

    Харийс Витолиньш: на чердаке у Знарка


  4. bataragi says:

    Кулда : про хоккей в России, Америки, про НХЛ и будущем..

  5. Anonymous says:

    THE CANADIAN PRESS – Seats at the MTS Centre will be priced over seven different tiers at an average of $82 — the same price Montreal Canadiens fans paid last year at the Bell Centre and behind only the Toronto Maple Leafs ($114 average) in Canada, according to the most recent franchise valuations by Forbes.

    NHL.COM – That was quick. In impressive fashion, the hockey fans of Winnipeg purchased 13,000 season tickets in three days of pre-sale and all of four minutes into Saturday’s general public sale.
    Ticket-package holders of the American Hockey League’s Manitoba Moose and corporate advertising clients bought 7,158 season tickets in the pre-sale that ended 11 p.m. ET on Friday night. The remaining 5,842 were purchased online in four minutes and officially processed in 17 minutes, announced the True North Sports and Entertainment group…Another 8,000 fans were accepted onto a waiting list for season tickets that was capped at that number about 90 minutes after the public sale began.

    Posted by Alex Nikandrov. Toronto

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