Victor Solodov

:: 8/5/2020: Kevin St. John, Rochester NY, US
The world records listings here at Liftup show Adam Saidullayev made 227.5 in 1981.

:: 7/31/2020: Steve Jones, Sydney New South Wales, Australia
A question for anyone. Was he the first 90kg to cj 500lbs?

:: 1/2/2017: Kevin St. John, Rochester NY, USA
Mike Sheard, I did the math. You are right.

:: 10/14/2016: Kevin St. John, Rochester NY, USA
For Mr. Mike Sheard, I am curious what criteria you use to come up with the statement that he is the #2 lifter of all time. I also know only a little about him so please enlighten me?

:: 7/25/2009: Michael, Mesa AZ, USA
One of my favorite lifters. He was built like a hydrolic bottle-jack and was a clean&jerk machine. I am surprised to see he competed up to at least 1989, anyone know why he was absent for the '88 Olympics?

:: 6/2/2009: mike sheard, , great britain
I cant believe how little this guy is known about.. after doing research i found out he is the SECOND BEST OLYMPIC WEIGHTLIFTER OF ALL TIME NEXT TO SULEYMANOGLU!

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