Vasily Kolotov

:: 12/21/2012: Steve Wanvig, Burnsville MN, USA
The photo of Vasily jerking at left above was taken at the 1970 World's in Columbus, OH. I was there. All of us were amazed by Ivanchenko in 82.5 and perhaps even more amazed by Kolotov in 90. Both seemed to be superhuman, almost robotic, in their calm, unemotional demeanor, and most impressively, in the seemingly effortless lifting of WORLD RECORD poundages. Unfortunately his time at the top was quite limited, as the youthful 82.5 Rigert, who struggled to take 3rd in Columbus, became in less than a year an immortal at the midheavy level.

:: 10/23/2007: Charles Gingerich, lexington Ky, USA
He had the largest spinal erectors I've ever seen! It took a Rigert to beat him.

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