Neno Terziyski

:: 2/29/2016: Kevin St. John, Rochester NY, USA
I apologize. I just messed up when making my last comment. H e was on the list of C&J for 171 @ Osrtava in '87 but as a flyweight. I made a comment about 1984 but I got confused by the previous comment.

:: 2/29/2016: Kevin St. John, Rochester NY, USA
I have a little more insight into the 171kg. jerk in 1987. I believe that Neno competed as a 56kg. in this competition not a 52kg. I also noticed in the summary of C&J records for the flyweights that he is listed for 171 in 1984 as a 52kg. I'm pretty sure this is a mix up. From the film'School of Champions he is shown doing the 171 in Ostrava. I believe he surpassed Naim's record for the 56's.

:: 1/11/2012: Sevket, , Bulgaria
Neno beat Naim at junior worlds

:: 12/2/2011: Afshin, , Iran
I'm a bit suspicious about 171kg jerk in 1984 his last jerk record was 152.5 and then after 3 years he could jerk about 20kg more??? furthermore his best snatch is 115.5 kg.Legend of this weight Halil Mutlu with 132.5 snatch had 160kg jerk .more than 55 kg between jerk and snatch in Flyweight is not very common .also if he had only 100kg snatch with 171kg jerk he must had 271kg total(2).but his best total was 262.5kg.

:: 2/14/2010: Kevin St. John, Rochester ny, USA
I think the last comment is erroneous. I have tape of Neno doing 171 in Ostrava in 1987 for a world record. The tape was produced by Bulgarian National Federation.

:: 2/14/2010: Jose A. S. Ferr., , Brazil
... jerked 171 kg in class to 56 kg (August 8) (not in the WC 1987 September)...

:: 5/6/2008: Valerij Bestin, , Russia
neno jerked 171 kg in WC 87 in Ostrava...Why i don't see this result in World Records by Neno Terziyski

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