Zdravko Stoichkov

:: 4/25/2013: Kevin St. John, Rochester N.Y., USA
The 2 guys I was thinking of are Sergei Poltaratski and Adam Saidullayev. Both got a taste of international competition but only Sergei got a world title when Rigert was suspended.

:: 4/25/2013: Kevin St. John, Rochester N.Y., USA
I remember seeing Stoichkov in the80's but he never seemed to really break through and become a top Bulgarian star. He did well at the 'Alternate Olympics' but that didn't get the publicity or coverage as the Games did. Tough luck to be on the B squad for a team like Bulgaria. Many great lifters almost made it for Soviet Union also. I remember 2 soviets who backed up Rigert, names escape me. Both had world record skills but Rigert came out on top to go to the Worlds.

:: 4/25/2013: Mike Sheard, , England
I'm supprised this lifter has had little attention, only recently have I been able to find a single video of him competing.

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