Steve Stanko

:: 1/8/2018: Devon Stanko, , United States
He does have a Wikipedia page: Does anyone know if he had any siblings? My paternal grandfather was Joseph Jerome Stanko from Syracuse NY and he had three brothers (John, Steve, and Andrew) and two sisters (Anna Seletchak and Elizabeth Ristrom) but I haven't been able to find out if this is the same Steve. All five siblings were born in/around the NY/NJ area.

:: 7/16/2015: Joe, , USA
It would be nice if this legend had a Wikipedia page. A Google search comes up with a Wiki page of a Stephen Stankos that's a complete different person.

:: 4/2/2015: Rudy Schneider, Rio de Janeiro Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
I had the honour to meet him and John C.Grimeck around April 1961. I came from South America and paid a visit at York Barbell Company(Yorktown) He was a real gentleman, very friendly,he signed a magazine with his picture and gave it to me.(same did John Grimeck) I still keep it with pride,may The Lord have a nice place for both of them. Fine athlets,fine men,not a bit arrogant like some 'steroid assholes' are today

:: 5/9/2012: Jackie Bubenko Heaphy, Stony Point New York, USA
He was my Great Uncle! My mother's uncle!

:: 5/5/2011: Joanne Zayac, Newton NJ, USA
He was my uncle - my dad's brother.

:: 3/21/2011: Steve Lofe, cedar city ut, usa
What type of a father was he?

:: 3/18/2011: LORRAINE LINDQUIST, Potomac Md, United States
He was my father.

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