Viktor Sots

:: 5/16/2023: Ajax, , USA
Wow John coniff invented the squat jerk! Many of you don't know that he also invented fire the wheel the internal combustion engine the computer and also built the Siberian railroad the transcontinental railroad the great pyramids and the Panama Canal all by himself

:: 5/17/2014: Kevin St. John, Rochester NY, USA
I remember seeing results of his when he was a junior lifter with some photos in International Olympic Lifter here in the US. Also have photos of him at training hall at 1981 Worlds. A very thick torso and legs. Looked very impressive, handling big training weights. I, too, would like to have seen more of him but that was a very competitive class for the USSR and any injuries put you behind your rivals so he did not get a lot of international success. 'Only' 2 World titles. That's 2 more than most people.

:: 8/18/2013: john coniff, wheeling wv, usa
I think that i can take credit for the first squat jerk ever.I did 145 kg. in 82.5 kg. class in 1966 in York Pa.It was a full squat jerk.

:: 11/14/2012: Rickard Wroblewski, Nälden Nälden, Sverige
He was the best heavyweight lifter and he did so nice

:: 10/2/2012: Alexey C., Novosibirsk , Russia
One of my favourite lifters. So sad injuries didn't let him embody all his large potential. Some rumours say that he has jerked 265 from the racks.

:: 6/28/2012: Mal Irwin, Brisbane QLD, Australia
I read many years ago that Viktor Sots pressed 155kg X2 from a full squat (not behind the neck). Real power.

:: 9/26/2011: colin elless, , canada
:: 3/23/2010: Steve Wanvig, Burnsville Minnesota, USA thanks for your post on victor sots.. i did olympic wieghtlifting as a kid and power jerk was the style i used and i never went to low to catch the jerk , like victor sots my coach practiced on getting lower however i still catch it high. so if victor sot was good at i can be to.

:: 3/23/2010: Steve Wanvig, Burnsville Minnesota, USA
Sots was brutally strong. He was the first guy I saw who employed the squat style jerk. But he didn't ever have to go very low while jerking, with that power he had. Didn't stay on the scene for long.

:: 11/2/2007: colin elless, courtenay/ b.c, Canada
if any would have any other information about viktor sots could you please inform at the email address

:: 5/1/2007: aleko, montreal Quebec, canada
V.Sots sami silni i krasivi shtangist esli mojno po bolshe informacii

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