Sergey Lee

:: 8/9/2012: Alexey L., Bishkek , Kyrgyzstan
There is one mistake in Lee's profile: He became a champion of Europe after the winner Urdach was disqualified. Please correct it!

:: 4/25/2012: Alexey L., Bishkek , Kyrgyzstan
There is a video of this CIS competition 1992 on youtube^

:: 2/27/2012: Alexey C., Novosibirsk , Russia
What an amazing athlete Sergey Lee was. I found out recently, he did 175kg snatch and 217.5 kg c&j on 1988 friendship cup in Tallin. Shame he has never competed in olympics while being in the team both in Seoul and Barcelona, but was suspended from competition in the last moment. Speed, strength, technique, Sergey Lee had it all. By the word 1992 CIS champion (382.5 kg)

:: 7/21/2009: ted neville, cork , ireland
I really doubt taht entry for his total at '88 Euros . I was there and I don't think he exceeded 390-ish maybe?

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