Angel Genchev

:: 2/16/2017: Weightlifting News Agent, , Hungary
His 170kg snatch world record:

:: 5/24/2013: Kevin St. John, Rochester N.Y., USA
You know the older I get the more I wish they had just let the lifters lift. I would never have used steroids because I wasn't a very gifted athlete to begin with so they wouldn't have made me a champion. I also didn't discover the sport early enough or get any regular coaching. But the lifting was amazing back then. I know that probably any top 5 lifters or more in the world are taking some kind of help whether legal or not so has banning steroids really made a difference? The chemists just try to stay ahead of the testers and the game goes on.

:: 5/24/2013: vignesh waran, tamilnadu madurai, india
wow he is great.may be he use steroids but that steroid can't lift weight.he do this performance because of his training not only with steroids.i don't what other says but i respect him.if i anything say wrong please forgive and thank u

:: 6/21/2012: Johan, , Sweden
He also set a middleweight snatch record of 170.0 in 1987, which is here incorrectly attributed to another Bulgarian.

:: 12/2/2011: Steve Wanvig, Burnsville MN, USA
Thanks for the clarification/correction on the steroids/diuretics issue, Jeff. I recall Angel also had made a stupifyingly amazing snatch record just prior to the 202.5; seems to me it was something like 160 or so. You can see it on YouTube. Of course, 160 was the weight Rigert had bombed out with at 90 in the '72 Olympics.....and here we had a lightweight of 67.5 making that weight only sixteen years later! Not taking anything away from the great DR, but, geez.....160/202.5 as a 67.5?? Superhuman.

:: 7/1/2011: Kevin St. John, Rochester NY, USA
At the time of '88 Olympics Diuretics were banned not only because they were dangerous for sudden weight loss but because they were used to flush out the steroids residual traces. Usage of one went hand in hand with the other, or so I was told at the time.

:: 6/29/2011: Jeff Williams, Wigan , UK
Genchev was actually disqualified from the 88 Olympics for diaretics not steroids. I still count his 202.5 C&J as one of the greatest lifts ever!!

:: 3/23/2010: Steve Wanvig, Burnsville Minnesota, USA
Guenchev is the guy who lifted those astonishing weights in '88 Olympics, completely obliterating world records, most notably his 202.5 triple bodyweight C&J., which has to be considered the single greatest C&J, pound for pound, of all time. Unfortunately disqualified for steroids.

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