Juhani Avellan

:: 12/2/2011: Steve Wanvig, Burnsville MN, USA
I saw him in Columbus, 1970, in the 82.5 (light heavies). I think he struggled to press 130 (286), had a pretty good snatch, then bombed in the jerk with a weight in excess of 400 lbs! Glad to see that he eventually did set up a couple of great WR C&J's, but sad to see that he passed away at such a young age.

:: 7/25/2007: juhani hynonen, london ontario, canada
Jussi was my best friend from late 50'sto1969 when I immigrated to Canada.I can still remember New Years and Christmas nights that we spent at Helsingin Atleetti Klubissa-Kaapelitehtaan vintilla.That is where his career started.I have tried to contact him for years -please If you can help me -send him my messege and address.I hope he is still OK.Old Best Friend HYNSKI.

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