Jaan Talts

:: 3/23/2017: Victor Rosenberg, Cleveland Heights Ohio, USA
A couple of corrections: the 587.5 world record total was made April 14, 1972 rather than 1971. It was not Talts but Kozin and Yakubovsky who totaled 590 in Moscow in 1972. Talts could easily have broken the total record at the Olympics but understandably went after his goal of 600 kilos instead (as John Coniff said, he came close).

:: 11/7/2012: john coniff, wheeling wv, usa
jan talts pressed 210 and snatched 165 just missed 170.then attempted 225 wr in c&j just missed rack.If successful would have made the 600kg club.great lifter

:: 1/23/2011: Annabel Talts, Tartu , Estonia
He is my grand-granduncle. yaaay he is the best.

:: 3/23/2010: Steve Wanvig, Burnsville Minnesota, USA
Let's raise a glass to 'The Iron Knight of Estonia'. It's kind of disturbing that there is only one comment on Jan't page; he was one of the greats. Had some great battles with Finland's Kaarlo Kangasniemi in the late '60's.

:: 4/9/2008: Kathy Talts- Edler, Chestertown MD, USA
Thanks for having this available. My 15 year old son isin awe of a distant relative- Herbert Talts born in Tallin was my grandfater.

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