David Sheppard

:: 6/4/2023: Alan Holvey, holveyalan58@gmail.com CO, United States
Sorry, I meant probably mid 1990's.

:: 3/10/2023: Alan Holvey, Boulder Colo, USA
must have been in the 1950's when up on the hill With Bob Hise III Dave Sheppard visited us, In a pqir of nice dress pants and street shoes Dave did a perfect 225 split snatch with no warmup whatsoever.

:: 10/14/2016: thomas gomez, rockholds ky., u.s.a.
I grew up with Dave .weerte about 12+ in queensn.y. asAstoria. He had steak and milk for breakfast. He had a very nice looking sister. It would be nice for us to touch base.

:: 7/14/2010: Jim De Coste, , usa
In 1954, Dave Sheppard was planning to lift 1n the 82.5 kg. class. Apparently the American coaches decided to have him lift in the 90 kg. class. Arcady Vorobyev had just moved up to this class and the Americans greatly under estimated his capabilities. It turned out that the Soviet champion made all his lifts to post a new world record total. Sheppard, who had on short notice ate and drank himself into this class, went for the win with the 187.5 kg. clean & jerk. If successful this lift would have broken the world record by some 6 or 7 kg. Sheppard easily racked this weight twice, but failed to stand with it. Because of his phenomenal jerking ability many believed that his jerk attempt would have been successful had he been able to complete the clean.

:: 6/28/2010: Thomas Curran, Ottawa Ontario, Canada
Sheppard almost won the 1954 90 kg championship against the Soviet lifter Arkady Vorobiev, but the C&J he attempted was 187.5 kg (413 lb.) not 185 kg.

:: 3/30/2010: p.sacco, atlhighlands nj, us
did dave sheppard almost win 1954 championship in 90kg. div. with 185 kg. c&j?

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