Khadr Sayed El Touni

:: 8/4/2012: Adham, New York NY, USA
Pride of Egypt, Strongest natural weightlifter in history undefeated 40 years after his death, only overcame by artificial supplements and exogenous testosterone. Enough said.

:: 4/22/2011: Osama Sami , , Egpt
Khader Al-Touni is the father of Olymic weightlifting, I'm really proud at him.Due to II world war he had been robbed of the Olympic medals of these unplaced games.

:: 2/25/2010: Steven G Thomes, Mpls MN, USA
Touni was even better than his international performances show. His best unofficial lifts in Egypt between 1948 and 1951, were not exceeded throughout the 1950's and early 60's, despite the advent of modern training methods and exogenous testosterone supplementation in the US and especially Russia

:: 12/7/2009: Ahmed Koraiem, , Egypt
I'm really proud that this man was Egyptian, and I'm really grateful that I have finally found some information & photos of him on the internet, it's really shocking that his world record lasted for 60 years, I wish there has been more photos / footage of him, I spent the last 3 hours stumbling for him on the internet and I only found 3 or 4 photos

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