Norbert Ozimek

:: 7/28/2007: Allan Tang Jespersen, Svendborg DK, Denmark
I met Norbert Ozimek the first time in Zakopane, Poland, where I was working out with the national team. It was the year after Ozimek, made his world record in Snatch 148 kilo, in the 82,4 klio class. At that time his was a very good weightlifter. Strong, fast and very well build. 14 years later, in 1980, he was in Denmark, where he was helping the club where I was lifting. One day I asked him if he would try to do some Snatch. At that time he had not been trainging for the last 8 years, but without any problems hes made a very easy standing Snatch wirh 110 kilo! He did only very littelt 'warm up', 60/3 80/1 100/1 and then the 110. He was still very very strong and fast. I met him last yers in Warszawa, where his lives with his lovely wife Zena. His has 2 son, and 3 grandchildren, and his is still in good shape.

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