Viktor Mazin

:: 1/16/2022: Arthur Chidlovski, Jacksonville FL, USA
Kevin, Viktor Mazin passed away just a week ago and it's a very sad news. He was an extremely talented athlete had many big ups and downs in his life. He won his place on the Soviet roster at the 1980 Olympics after a competition vs. Nikolay Kolesnikov and then won the Olympics in Moscow. That was his huge success in OWL andhe was the last Soviet featherweight to win the Olympics.

:: 1/15/2022: Kevin St. John, New York, United States
As far as I know this was his only major internati onal competition. He picked the right one to win.RIP Olympic Champion Victor Mazin.

:: 1/11/2022: Victor Rosenberg, Cleveland Heights Ohio, USA
He died January 8, 2022, according to Olympedia and Wikipedia.

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