Dean Lukin

:: 7/26/2023: Basil Stellios ( Bill ), Sydney NSW, Australia
Being team mates at the LA Olympics 1984 it was a pleasure aswell as our other 2 team mates Tony Pignone and silver medallist Robert Kabbas. We were very close and were mentors to each other. I had the pleasure of being Dean's mentor at the competition on the day and glad my experience worked. Our first Gold medal and went to our great friend who we admire. The 4 of us cannot stop talking about the fun and jokes we had for each other. We made our team coach's job, Paul Coffa easy and pleasant. It was team work at it's best. PS Im now just about to have a 'TUNA' sandwich, mmm !

:: 8/9/2012: shakayne, hobart tasmaina, australia
hi dean me and my friend are doing a project on you and we have found out alot about you !

:: 6/17/2012: s, s s, s

:: 6/17/2012: zac, vic jut, gun
he is so cool

:: 8/5/2011: Gioacchino Ricci, Rome , Italy
Mario Martinez in 1984 could easily lift 230 in the c&j, but since he had 12.5kg of advantage after the snatch, he didnt think that an unknown guy with 172.5 of snatch could jerk 240kg......Dean did...... wondering if he could lift 245 then.

:: 2/13/2011: matthew, dapto NSW, australia
dean is the best weight lifter in australian history 412.5kg that is really heavy good job dean

:: 8/25/2008: joshua, perth w.a, australa
i think he is relly good can i please have his email plez. thank.z

:: 7/26/2007: Cobba Mooney, Mount Isa QLD, Australia
Dean Lukin is the first weightlifter I had ever heard about, my mum told me about him and he is one of the main reasons why I took up the sport myself. He is an inspiration to all weightlifters no matter what weight division.

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