Mukharby Kirzhinov

:: 5/17/2014: Vitor Jones, Setúbal , Portugal
Heaviest 3-lift Total to Bodyweight: 460@67.5

:: 1/18/2013: Alfonso Rodriguez, Palm Bay Florida, USA
Superb weightlifter. A very muscular and compact lifter, in 1972 he was impressive in his impeccable red uniform and great technique in all three lifts. Though only 23 year old at the time, he looked older. He overcame a 22 lbs deficit in the Press from Kuchev (325 lbs to Kuchev's 347 lbs World Record) by snatching 22 lbs more (297 lbs to 275 lbs) and then proceeded to establish world records 391 lbs in the C&J and Total of 1002 lbs and 1014 lbs beating Kuchev by 22 lbs. since he could 'only' manage 369 lbs. He did not miss a single lift that night, he was in the 'zone' as they say. He never equaled that performance again but no matter, he won the Olympics in a very impressive way. The lightweights and the Bantamweights were the competitions I enjoyed watching the most that year and I wish there was film showing them in the internet. It would be great to watch them again.

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