Robert Kabbas

:: 7/7/2023: Basil Stellios ( Bill ), Glenmore Park NSW, Australia
Mr Robert Kabbas, the most respected weightlifter in Australia. Robert and I were team mates since Comm Games 1978 and from there we travelled together regularly in many teams. We also being mainly self-coached for the majority of our lifting years were mentors to each other in training and comps. We also looked after our team mates too. Robert is like a brother to me and we share a lot of humour too. Thank you Rob for being great.

:: 10/16/2013: Jordan Hodgson, Brisbane QLD, Australia
Hi Mr Kabbas, my dad (Norman) showed me a video of you in the 1984 Olympic Games. It was incredible. Love to hear back from you. Dad remembers going to see you in the gym back in melbourne years ago.

:: 12/26/2012: mal irwin, Brisbane Qld, Australia
Weightlifting is not a highly publicized sport in Australia. Robert's measured and informative commentaries on TV gave lifting a good exposure in this country, far better than the comedians HG and Roy in 2000 and 2004.

:: 1/4/2012: Hossam, Melbourne VIC, Australia
Hi Mr Kabbas, my dad used to mention your family's name alot back in Egypt .. hope you are doing fine .. iam an Alexandrian in Melbourne .. hope to meet you one day.. pls email me if you can

:: 8/10/2010: Kingsley, Norwalk CT, USA
Hello Mr. Kabbas, I read your posting about Oliver Orok. Oliver was my trainner some time ago. Can you direct me to the 82 common wealth games tape you mentioned. I would love to have a copy or can you post this on youtube? email:

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