Abel Lopez Arozarena

:: 1/12/2013: Alfonso A. Rodriguez, Palm Bay Florida, USA
He had a very strong power clean but lousy jerk and was a split snatcher. At the Munich Olympics he power cleaned 352 very easily three time but lost his balance three times and bomb out of the competition. I Mexico 75 he power cleaned 369 lbs. and made a strong jerk. Made 391 lbs. Needed 402 lbs. for the win but missed the jerk forward. Lee James won although not stronger than Lopez he was a better technician and only missed one snatch and made all his C&J for the win to keep his advantage of 11 lbs from the snatch. He had a Russian coach in Munich who commented to another Cuban coach that 'Abel se apendejo' which in Spanish mean he was intimidated and scared but not in a nice terms. Pity that he could not exploit his pulling ability in the clean to its full potential. Not a good snatcher.

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