Geoffrey Laws

:: 10/3/2019: mike pearwoman, london , england
These days Geoff laws works as a motivational coach for the Scottish tennis player Andy McMurray ( a.k.a. Faintheart). Geoff uses all his prowess to jump up and scream inspiring comments in Andy's ear, such as 'Play better' and 'Be more accurate, you dour bastard'. For this expertise, Geoff receives a salary of £800,000 per annum and all the left over bits of banana he can eat.

:: 3/10/2019: peter pinsent, pinner middx, england
How many of you know that Geoff was called Geoff Slaw until the age of six? He became so livid at other kids making salad jokes at his expense, that his parents rearranged the letters to Laws and had it officially changed.

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