Blair Blenman

:: 10/17/2023: Tami Blenman-Mackenzie, london Surrey, United Kingdom
I am Tami's nine year old son, Blair Blenman was my great uncle! I know that it is black history month now and I'd just like to say that I am proud to have a great family and family history.

:: 5/13/2020: Anthony , Krefeld , Germany
Blair was my brother. I remember going to visit him in South London as a boy and him coming to visit us. I am still in regular contact with his son, Robert, and daughter Sandra. Sadly our father never told us about Blairís achievement nor did Blair talk much about it and it wasnít until many years after I ended my own sporting career that I learned of what he had done. I know that earlier knowledge would have helped me. If any of his sporting colleagues read this, I would love to hear from you.

:: 5/30/2019: Michael pearman, London Middlesex , Uk
I lifted in the 75klo class in the early 1960 with Blair he was a very strong lifter and a great character and made me understand how hard I had to train to be successful in Olympic Lifting. Last time we met was over 20 years ago and can still remember his laugh 😂 ing out loud, believe he lived in the USA and had a successful life there. Mike Pearman OLY

:: 5/12/2019: William Derrick Anderson, London , United Kingdom
I am trying to present Blair Blenman

:: 4/22/2017: William d.anderson, Holloway road, Islington London, United kingdom
I'm an second cousin to this gentleman, and I am trying to educate my off springs of who we are and what if they are focus enough they can become!

:: 4/22/2017: William d.anderson, Holloway road, Islington London, United kingdom
I would like to know if Blair Adelbert Bowman was the holder of an gold medal?

:: 11/12/2011: Blenman Hellen, Dortmund , Germany
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