Brandon Bailey

:: 6/29/2015: claude. Baileyt, Toronto OntC, Canada
Big B you were bigger than life. Every mind and body you touched became better than it was. You have truly touched my life and made me the man I am today. Thank you BIG Brother. Your little brother.

:: 10/12/2013: Leslie Errol Cornwall, Augusta Georgia, USA
If you attended Malabar, RC in the 70s you definitely knew who Mr. Brandon Bailey was. One of the greatest motivators I know PERIOD. RIP Mr. Bailey.

:: 10/12/2013: Maria, , Trinidad
Curepe rc teacher a great man

:: 10/11/2013: suzette guppy, loxahatchee fl, usa
Great weightlifter and even better mentor.and needs to be recognized, for both.

:: 10/11/2013: Kevin Bailey, Brooklyn New York, United States
Uncle Brandon was the BEST... Cool, calm & gentle spirit but in everything he did exuded greatness. From the pictures I've seen to ALL the stories I've heard/ read you knew he was a living legend and I'm proud to be a part of that legacy... ROCK ON FAMILY!!!

:: 10/11/2013: Arima Town Hall, Arima , Trinidad
Our Condolences..Ms. Safora Lopez can you please contact the Mayors office in Arima asap please. #667-3449 Thank you!

:: 10/9/2013: Cheryl Ann Brooks Winter, Largo Florida, USA
Father of Irvin,Curtis Ingrid,Marlene(dec),Janice,Wendy,Garry and Dr Solange Bailey went to be with the Lord early this morning.I am his first niece and would describe him as a caring family man and well respected by our nation.He loved to carry out in debt topics but you could not give your opinion.He had a long lasting impression on anyone he in contact with over the years .As Brother Valentino would sing--Life is a stage and we are the actors and everybody have a part to play!

:: 10/9/2013: lisa noel, arima , trinidad
Well what can i say. I have to say he was father in so many ways. I have aunts and to me they are like sisters. please say you love someone before its too late.

:: 10/9/2013: MARGARET BAILEY, arima , Trinidad and Tobago
I loved and respected him, he was like a father to me. A wonderful and great man. will miss him dearly.

:: 10/9/2013: Kim Bailey-Ottley, Port of Spain , Trinidad
RIP Uncle Brandon... a true sportsman. educator and loving father.

:: 10/9/2013: Jillian Noel, , Trinidad and Tobago
Uncle Brandon Bailey...amazing person, dedicated to his sport and betterment of young athletes...09/10/2013 He has gone to be with Father after sharing his warmth and wisdom...He will truly be missed.

:: 10/8/2013: Donna Bailey, kingston , jamaica
Oustanding athlete, father, uncle and many more adjectives may be used to describe Brandon Bailey one of Trinidad and Tobago outstanding sports men.

:: 5/8/2013: maria simmons, , trinidad
Well respected former teacher and mentor

:: 5/2/2013: Ingrid Bailey, Airma , Trinidad & Tobago
Daddy, truly an oustanding athlete, admired by many, dedicated to the upliftment of people in the field of sports, education and other disciplines.

:: 3/9/2013: Nyala Nancoo, Mississauga ON, Canada
Brandon Bailey is not only an outstanding athlete but a intelligent man who shared his passion for reading and learning with his grandchildren. I am so very proud to be your granddaughter and I remember your grammar and comprehension lessons to this day. Thank you!

:: 10/11/2012: Brianna Bocage, Port-of-Spain , Trinidad
When he got up in the morning he would carry buckets of water from the well and later on from a stand pipe. This water was used for cooking, cleaning and bathing. My grandfather will also take his bath in an outside bathroom and use an outside toilet built of wood with a hole in the ground called a latrine. Since there was no electricity he travelled on foot many miles to the parlour to buy pitch oil (Kerosene) which was used for lighting lamps and cooking. There was no television in those days so he would entertain himself with a crank up battery radio. Therefore, a lot of time was spent outside playing; climbing trees, building tree houses and playing football and cricket. My grandfather possessed great physical strength so he found his true destiny and love in lifting heavy objects at home. He would carry heavy buckets, barrels and large amount of chopped wood for miles on wheelbarrow. Through his persistence and dedication he became famous and he is now known to our country as a national hero. My grandfather won gold in the Pan-American games and many others. His name is included in the sports hall of fame as Brandon Bailey the great weight lifter. He is now 79 going to be 80 in November. My family and I are very proud of him and I would like to make him proud of me too some day.

:: 8/29/2012: Franklin 'Copper' Cumberbatch, Milwaukee WI, USA
Mr. B. Trinidad & Tobago fnially got it right by naming you one of the top 50 sports figures of all time. If that list was restricted to 25 athletes you would still make the list. He was the greatest weightlifter the country has ever had and more importantly the best strength and conditioning coach in the country for the past 40 years.

:: 5/22/2012: Mark aleia, , trinidad
a great mind I always poke at when ever I do a paper on sociology,psychology,or any subject that deals with ideals and philosophies. His thoughts are endless.

:: 2/9/2012: Natasha Parmassar Besson, , Trinidad
My uncle! He has a fascinating mind and he has been a dedicated contibutor to sports in Trinidad & Tobago.

:: 1/25/2012: che bailey, arima , trinidad
my grand father and outstanding and amazing, dedicated sports personal of the great nation trinidad and tobago bringing great pride to his nation.

:: 4/22/2011: Safora Lopez, , Trinidad and Tobago
my grandfather is super awesome

:: 4/1/2011: Alyssa Bailey , , Canada
Thats my great uncle! That's awesome.

:: 6/11/2009: Wendy Bailey Nancoo, Windsor Ontario, Canada
Outsanding athlete, dedicated to sport of weighlifting. Undoubtly, one of the greatest sports personalities in Trinidad and Tobago and the Caribbean.

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