Yevgeny Sypko

:: 1/18/2017: Arthur Chidlovski, Boston MA, USA
Sad news... Eugene Sypko died on January 19, 2017. he was 53. RIP

:: 6/21/2015: Arthur Chidlovski, Boston MA, USA
Thanks, Erpel!

:: 6/20/2015: erpel, , Europe
This is very likely a pic of him: posted by (i.e. Sypko). Looks like his 216.5 attempt even (three reds, one blue etc.).

:: 6/23/2013: john coniff, wheeling wv, usa
yet another russian who snatched 210kg. amazing. how many lifters have snatched 210 or more? 12-15

:: 10/27/2011: Boris, , USA
Mythical is all he is. Something like those garage athletes that only do miracles behind closed doors.

:: 3/13/2011: Armando, Melbourne Victoria, Australia
This guy is mythical.

:: 7/21/2009: ted neville, cork , ireland
Somebody must have a pic of this mythical lifter. I saw him described as a 'bony monster' when he lifted at a major champs ...apparently he was less than 20 stone at a height well over 6 ft. Ted

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