Ondrej Hekel

:: 7/12/2016: Matej Polak, , Slovakia
1972 Summer Olympics Press: 150 Snatch: 142.5kg Clean & Jerk: 170kg

:: 1/4/2013: Jana Hekel, Bratislava Slovakia, Slovakia
Great, amazing man, athlete and father. Love you

:: 2/13/2010: Paul OHearn, Ridgeland SC, USA
Never saw him lift, that I can recall, but the photos of his snatch are awesome. Rest in peace

:: 7/25/2009: Les Kernodle, Bartlett TN, USA
I am sad to hear of his passing. He was a great lifter and I loved to see photos of his fantastic style in the split Snatch

:: 7/25/2009: Arthur Chidlovski, Boston MA, usa
Sad news - legendary Czechoslovakian weightlifter Ondrej Hekel died on July 22, 2009. He was 65. Many fans of the iron game remember his crisp split style lifting. Mr. Hekel won 12 national titles in Chechoslovakia, competed in 3 Olympics (9th in 1968, 4th in 1972 and 7th in 1976) and won bronze medal at the 1971 Europeans. Our thoughts are with Mr. Hekel family and friends.

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