Valentin Khristov

:: 3/2/2021: Peter Mancuso , Melburnre Victoria , Australia
He was ahead of his time and that 245. 5 attempt at the worlds in 1975 should go down in history attempting the 110+ Senior record as a junior in the 110 kg division

:: 6/4/2014: Denis, Moscow , Russia
Valentin was an unlucky athlete. Unfortunately, people usually forget the fact that he became an olympic champion in 1976. It was a very dramatic batlle between Valentin and Leonid Taranenko in 1980, although I'm Russian, I wantedd Valentin to win, because he is very charismatic and I think, he deserved the victory that day. He won the gold in snatch, but twice failed with 235 kg c&j. It was so hard to watch these two attempts. And it's very interesting for me somewhy to know where is Valentin now. I googled a bit and found that he is a weightlifting coach for children. Unfortunately, he doesn't look very well now on some photos...

:: 11/19/2009: Gioacchino Ricci, Rome , Italy
In fact i dont understand his disqualification when ALL the weightlifters were assuming steroids up to 1988!!! Maybe his 237.5 at 19 years was too fastidious for urss sport business? At that time(1975) was 12.5 kg over the prev. record, and he almost did 245 in the same year, when the superheavyweight record was 247.5!!!

:: 6/12/2008: Bulgarian, , Canada
Rumor has it his disqualification in Montreal had something to do with his unwillingness to yield to the Russian contender.

:: 5/1/2008: Wilhelm Katheder, Coburg Germany, Germany
In Montreal he were disquualified because of doping!

:: 2/12/2008: mark vales, east elmhurst ny, usa
He won the gold in montreal 1976.

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