Kauko Kangasniemi

:: 7/16/2013: Misha Khishchenko, Rochester NY, US
We first met on a train from Helsinki to Manta, a small Finnish town where we were both going to compete. We didn't speak for about 3 hours while on a train. Finns are not very talkative anyway, but it was mostly a communication problem at the beginning. I didn't speak Finnish or English at that time and Kauko's Russian was very rudimentary. Finally one of us broke the ice and after that we couldn't shut up. After the competition Kauko took me on the tour around the Finnish capital. We did a lot of bar hopping and my Finnish improved a bit. We kept in touch throught the years and met several times mostly in the former USSR when Kauko competed representing Finland. He was a great athlete and a very friendly guy who made my 1st trip abroad very memorable. Rest In Peace my friend. Misha

:: 4/27/2013: Robert, Melbourne Victoria , Australia
Kauko Kangasniemi RIP 1942-2013

:: 12/3/2012: Robert Wojcik, Warsaw , Poland
We fought few times, but in the most important contest for me, The Europe Championships in 1969, I lost to him. Twice, I did not clean and jerked 200 kg what would give me silver medal and I had to be satisfied with the bronze one. Up to now, although 43 years passed I still have night mares that I am trying to keep the bar up and it is still falling down slowly. Regards Kauko.

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