James George

:: 8/5/2017: Dale Thorn, Charleston SC, USA
I lifted at Barnholth's in 1964, where Jim was a regular prepping for the 1964 Olympics. The only other Olympic lifter I remember seeing there (once) was Chuck Vinci, who pressed 250 that day.

:: 5/31/2013: Russ Moore, Buffalo New York, United States of America
In June of 1964, I had the honor of lifting in competition with Jim George at the Great Lakes Championships in Erie PA. I outlifted him in the press(which was still part of lifting competition), breaking the Great Lakes record with an official lift of 307lbs. Of course, being 19 years old, I became a little cocky. Then Jim George proceeded to totally demolish me in the snatch, clean&jerk, and total. Howeve, he proved to be a great athlete, and sportsman.

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