Fedor Bogdanovsky

:: 11/30/2014: Pete Kravtsov, Armyansk , Ukraine
Fedor Bogdanovsky - 03/16/1930-10/3/2014 RIP

:: 5/17/2013: john coniff, wheeling wv, usa
true they were all using. no was holier than thou

:: 5/17/2013: Robert, Melbourne , Australia
John, the point I was making is that what ever was around in those days was available to the Russians as well. Kurinov didn't beat Kono in 1960 because the Russians just got with the program then, he was a young athlete on the way up and Kono was 30 and on the way down. No one wins forever. Maybe the Russians and Americans had an unfair advantage over the rest of the world for a while, but not over each other - both camps were doing the same thing and the better lifters won.

:: 5/16/2013: john coniff, WHEELING WV, USA
if the records r still at rexall pharmacy u will find he was a steroid customer.too bad dave shepard isn't around he and many others would enlighten u too the real facts.that is rexall pharmacy in york.pa

:: 5/15/2013: Robert, Melbourne , Australia
Boy, John, you really seem to have it in for Tommy Kono, judging by your comments on several profile pages! I don't know what Tommy Kono took or didn't take but he is known worldwide not only as one of the all-time greats but also as a modest and humble man, liked by all who met him. Unlike a number of other lifters of that era, there's no great 'spike' in his results to indicate he got any great benefits from steroids. In '53 his lifts went up with his bodyweight but he only snatched 2.5kg more than he did as a lightweight a year earlier. In 1952, while the results show only a 140kg clean and jerk, he twice cleaned 155kg and just missed the jerks. Fairly standard improvement for a 22-year old moving up a weight class. Rest assured whatever was available to the Americans in 1953-54, was also available to the Russians. Compare that with Vorobyev's improvement at the age of 29, when he went up to 90kg in 1954 after being 82.5kg all of his career and added 30kg to his total in less than a year. Tommy beat all comers, including Russians, until 1960 when a younger Kurinov got ahead of him.

:: 5/4/2013: john coniff, wheeling wv, usa
a great russian lifter,but couldn;t get by tommy kono the original steroid kid

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