Mikhail Petrov

:: 11/24/2019: Tibor, Budapest , Hungary
Hi KEvin, this is only typo, both record 05.12.1987. It was World Cup Gala event in Seoul.

:: 6/27/2016: Kevin St. John, Rochester NY, USA
I am a little confused. If anyone knows the answers please reply. MP shows a WR snatch of 158 in Seoul on 12/5/88. Above it is a total for 12/5/87, also in Seoul. Could this be a mix up, with the snatch record being in 87? Was this the test event for the Seoul Olympics? I knew that MP had knee problems and was not surprised to see another lifter replacing him at 88 Olympics. Angel Gunchev was a surprise, though. He had to cut enormous amount of weight for a man his size. AG put in an awesome performance but was DQ'd.

:: 6/25/2010: Johan, , Sweden
Doesn't this post refer to Mikhail Petrov?

:: 3/23/2010: Steve Wanvig, Burnsville Minnesota, USA
Yes, the MP in the photo above is definitely the same one who set up a WR C&J, but I thought the blond guy with the mustache in the photo predated Yanko Rusev, who did so well in the '78 World's, which I attended in Gettysburg. So maybe Mssrs Frydkjaer and Berg are talking about two different guys?? The Petrov I'm thinking about (in photo) had a meteoric rise, and lasted only a year or two at most. Injuries took their toll.

:: 11/12/2009: Torben Frydkjaer, Aalborg , Denmark
Mikhail Petrov made a world recod in C6J with 200,5 67,5 kg, at WC 1987 in Ostrava CSSR! Greetings Torben

:: 6/15/2009: Michael Berg, , BUL
Is this the same lifter as: http://www.chidlovski.net/liftup/l_athleteResult.asp?a_id=648? The names are exactly the same, except these are different transcriptions. Also it's the same weightclass and so on ...

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