Ivan Abadzhiev

:: 3/24/2017: Alexander Krychev, San Francisco CA, USA
I am deeply saddened of the news that today, after a complication of open heart surgery, Ivan Abadjiev has passed away. Olympic weightlifting community and the country of Bulgaria have lost a great man. Rest In Peace my friend!

:: 8/9/2009: Zoltan Kovacs, Budapest , Hungary
The greatest coach of all times!! He was a 'diamond miner'. He founded a lot of talents and he refined them to be perfect! I am very sad that I couldn't train under the direction of him.

:: 4/21/2009: Arthur Chidlovski, Boston MA, USA
Thanks, Alexander. The medal count for Abadziev's lifters has been corrected and updated.

:: 4/20/2009: Alexander Krychev, San Francisco CA, USA
To correct the medal count, Ivan Abadzhiev produced 12 Olympic Gold medalists, 13 silver and 4 bronze. I believe, in your calculation of 9 gold, you did not include the two gold medalist he produced in 1996 Atlanta games while coaching the Turkish National team and later in 2000 Sydney games, back as a Bulgarian National coach, Abadzhiev produced one more Bulgarian Gold medalist

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