Marian Zielinski

:: 4/16/2023: Marek Zielinski, Montreal Quebec, Canada
My father's natural category was feather, but for prestige reasons he was forced to compete in light weight, where he was the lightest competitor. Sometimes I wonder how his career would be if he'd competed in his weight. I would like to thank for your comments, it warms my heart to know that he is still remembered by many people abroad and in Poland.

:: 10/31/2010: Bill Shine, Medford Ma., U.S.A.
Poland's first World Champion 1959.

:: 5/4/2007: Alfonso A. Rodriguez, Miami Florida, USA
Zielinki came in 3rd at the 1964 Olympic Games but made a valiant effort for the gold. After a first and succesfull attempy in the C&J with 352 LBS, he jump to 380 lbs (about 11 pounds over the world record) for his 2nd and 3rd attempt. He cleaned the weight both times and narrowly failed to complete the jerk portion of the lift. That shows real competive spirit for after being behind he still did not give up and tried to win nevertheless against the odds. He should be remebered for that.

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