Leonid Zhabotinsky

:: 1/30/2017: Ronald Johns, Kitchener Ontario, Canada
I've seen some of the largest men of Olympic lifting in the 1970s such as Patera,Alexeev but Zhabotinsky I saw in Gettysburg wearing a custom made suit and his bodyweight must have been 180kg and looked immense.

:: 3/20/2016: richard wood, fairfield ca, u.s.a.
Leonid zhabotinsky was my hero since 64 Olympics. got his autograph in 68 mexico. He passed away on my moms birthday, she was 90. I will never forget him!

:: 1/16/2016: G.H. Massiha, Lafayette LA, USA
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G_q2JQl7U3w 1968 European Weightlifting Championships

:: 1/16/2016: G.H. Massiha, Lafayette LA, USA
Watch him at 1:48 breaking snatch WR in 1968 European championship. His memory always stays with me. Mr. Chidlovsky: Find the results from 1967 pre-olympics competition and place it on the site. You promised me!

:: 1/16/2016: James G. Salemi, Franklin Park Illinois, USA
With great tears for his family, Blessed Ukraine, and Olympic Lifiting, I offer my profound condolences in the passing of Her Son, Leonid Zhabotinsky. When I was in Kiev in Oktober, the Universal opinion was Leonid was the Greatest and Strongest in all Ukrainian history. Let us use his eternal legacy to improve our lives in general and to help our sport in particular.

:: 1/15/2016: Arthur Chidlovski, Boston MA, USA
Leonid Zhabotinsky passed away in Zaporozhye, Ukraine on January 14, 2016... Sad news. RIP.

:: 11/30/2015: Clay Oliver, wichita Kansas, usa
in '67 the worlds were cancelled I believe for political reasons. so the mini-olympics in mexico city were the closest thing to a worlds that year, but did not count as the worlds. Dube tied for first, but was relagated to 2nd due to bodyweight.

:: 4/21/2010: Jerry Fleming, Staten Island New York, USA
The winner of the 1967 championship was Stanislav Batischev. Actually, Joe Dube came very close to winning that year, but Batischev pulled it out.

:: 4/18/2010: George Dedaj, NY NY, USA
Arthur, Did you neglect to list one of Leonid's world championships (1967)? If Zhabotinsky didn't win the world championship in 1967, who did? According to your profile of Vlasov, after not doing much of anything since the Tokyo Olympics, Yuri came back and set a world record in the press in 1967. But no mention is made of him winning the world championship. Who else was out there in '67 who could have taken Zhabotinsky? Certainly not Redding or Dube.

:: 3/18/2008: arthur chidlovski, boston , usa
(to Ernest): Leonid Zhabotinsky became a career military officer. He coached USSR Army Team and worked as a consultant in Madagascar where he coached local athletes. He retired from the Army in the rank of colonel and now works as a dean in one of Moscow colleges.

:: 3/18/2008: Ernest Haygood, Beavercreek Ohio, USA
Leonid Zhabotinsky is a tremendous physical specimen! Whatever became of him??

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