Yury Zakharevich

:: 1/18/2023: Kevin St. John, ksluggo@netzero.net NY, United States
I can't believe he is turning 60 today. Where have the years gone. Happy Birthday, Yuri! I hope you are living a happy life as well as a healthy one!

:: 10/27/2016: Kevin St. John, Rochester NY, USA
I see that Zac competed in Varna in 1984 doing some WR's. When did he hurt his elbow? I thought it was in '83 sometime after the Friendship cup. I didn't realize he was back lifting in '84. I think the 'Varna Olympics' didn't get much press so that may be why I don't remember the results.

:: 10/1/2016: Damon Buckner, St. Joseph MO, United States
Best 110+ lifter all time. A masterful beast on the barbell. Looked like his elbows were gonna blow. He didn't give a damn. He was a warrior and just kept setting World Records.

:: 10/26/2015: Jyrki H., , Finland
Eh...Mike...300kg jerk off the racks? Sorry, man, don't think so. Yuri is nothing short of a miracle, but even Pisarenko wouldn't have jerked that

:: 3/16/2014: tapas halder, kolkata west bengal, india
yuri zakharevitch is all time hero as he lifted 210kg in snatch catagory with a bodyweight of 110kg and cean & jerck was 245kg at the same body weight . unfortunatly todays 110kg bodyweight's lifter can't snatch 210kg .shameful! yuri u are the best ever !!!

:: 7/26/2012: Sina, Vancouver BC, Canada
He is the best. Unbelievable in Snatch, timeless power and technique.

:: 10/3/2011: John Way, sydney nsw, Australia
the senior 90kg snatch record went from about 180.5 to 187.5 during 1981, so yuri records were the senior wrs listed above


:: 4/22/2011: OSAMA SAMO, , EGYPT
Y. Zakharevich is a beast, Ibelieve he is one of the hestorical lifters.

:: 1/17/2010: Mike, Mesa AZ, USA
One of the few guys who could have moved up to the supers and given Kurlovich & Taranenko a run for the money! Awesome strength, Nicu Vlad told us he saw Yuri jerk 300kg from off of the rack in training once, legendary athlete!

:: 11/19/2009: Gioacchino Ricci, Rome , Italy
Impressive athlete! Someone knows his height?? However his records in the MiddleHeavyweight class in 1981, at 18 years, are junior records because at that time the record by Blagoev Blagoy was over 190kg.

:: 9/23/2008: Dmitriy Yershov, colorado springs colorado, united states
The greates heavyweight of all time 210 kg snatch and 250.5 kg clean and jerk, he has also cleaned 265 kg at 110 kg body weight, just unbelivable!

:: 1/21/2008: Javier Sánchez de la Vega, Mexico Mexico City, Mexico
Only the most amazing school of weightlifting ever, could have created this outstanding champion!! Unbelievable records!

:: 8/16/2007: SURRINDER S. Dhahs, Fresno ca., U.S.A.
Pound for pound Y. Zakharevich was the best of the heavier lifters of his time.

:: 4/13/2007: ghislain, sedan , france
un des plus grand champion de tout les temps 200 kgs a l'arrache a 20 ans dans les 100 kgs et 210 kgs a seoul dans les 110 kgs tres pres des supers lourds un de mes 2 preffere avec pisarenko

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