Arkady Vorobyev

:: 4/27/2013: john coniff, wheeling wv, usa
probably the overall greatest person/ w/l ever from russia a medical doctor,highly educated and intelligent.fought in ww 11 won 2 olympic gold medals beating lifters 12 years younger than he. 6 time world champion 8 titles total.I think he was truly great. Dave Shepard had no chance against him

:: 1/3/2013: G.H. Massiha, Lafayette LA, USA
Here is a short clip of the legend. 1958 World Weightlifting Championships

:: 12/24/2012: Alexei, Novosibirsk , Russia
Arkady Vorobyov died at 22th of December...

:: 11/19/2012: Geoff Fleming, Union N.J., U.S.A.
Dave Sheppard attempted 187.5 on his second and third attempts in 1954, while competing in the 90kg class but weighed only 84kg! This was close to the record in the heavyweight class at that time and was about 7kg over the 90kg world record. Amazing attempt!

:: 11/17/2012: Gioacchino Ricci, Rome , Italy
MAYBE Sheppard did 132.5 in the press? Not 130.

:: 2/21/2010: paul sacco, atl highlands nj, us
would like a reply to message of 2/7/ 2010 send to

:: 2/7/2010: paul sacco, atl.highlands nj, us
results for a.vorobyev 54 worlds 142.5+142.5+175 evidently correct:however,in bob hoffman's book weightlifting, it is stated that dave sheppard made a final attempt at 185 kg. c&j which would have won team title for u.s. 130+142.5+185 which would have been 457.5 not 460 which set of figures are correct?

:: 8/27/2009: p.sacco, atl. highlands n.j., u.s.
correct stats for 1954 world championship arkady vorobyev 142.5+140+175=457.5

:: 8/21/2009: paul sacco, atl. highlands n.j., u.s.
your figure for 3lift total for arkady vorobyev for 1954 world championship is incorrect i believe it was 457.5kg not460.

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