Nicu Vlad

:: 10/16/2015: Vladimir Stoica, Bucuresti, Romania
1986 Sub Heavyweight 1 200.5+237.5= 438 because 11/14/1986 Snatch 200.5 Sub Heavyweight Sofia

:: 5/24/2014: Vitor Jones, Setúbal , Portugal
Heaviest Double Bodyweight Snatch Ever 200.5@-100kg.

:: 9/16/2013: john coniff, wheeling wv, usa
197.5 snatch and a bronze olympic medal at age 33. great lifting

:: 2/18/2012: Andrea from Italy, Brescia , Italy
Great exercise the deadlift !!! But its execution must be perfect, carried out carefully and no more than once/twice a week. Power-clean and jerk is even better (the one carried out in the figure) !!!

:: 12/29/2010: Zack Codila, Gold Coust QLD, Australia
Nicu is one of the greatest sportman in the word. People love him becase is that person that make the differance for others. A great man and a greater caracter. He is an example for evreybody which are around of him. We respect you Nicu.

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