Gyozo Veres

:: 8/14/2013: mal irwin, Brisbane Qld, Australia
Gyozo Veres was shown in Strength and Health training on dumbell swings, which I gathered was a favourite exercise. When he came to Australia, he ran a coaching clinic after the 1974 Australian titles. Explaning the percentages used to design and categorise workout intensity, someone called from the audience,' Excuse me is that in kilos or pounds?' I always wondered what became of him, very sad.

:: 8/9/2013: Csaba Veres, Bergen , Norway
I am the son of Veres Gyozo, and I have written a book about his life. You will find it here. I hope you enjoy it.

:: 6/10/2011: Nikolaj, , P
February 1, 2011, Melbourne, AUS. Former weightlifting world champion Gyozo Veres has died.

:: 2/2/2011: Matthew.Ciancio, melbourne vic, australia
Yes Gyozo migrated to australia with the help of my father(Nicolo Ciancio)1972 olypian...they have remained close friend ever ever i can officially tell you with much regret with a phone call last night that Gyozo has passed away in Melbourne Aust...he is survived by his wife Teresa , son's Csaba ans Victor....R.I.P Ciancio family will miss a great man

:: 4/17/2010: Refik Colasan, Ankara , Turkey
Veres worked as a weightlifting coach in Turkey for about two years in early 70s. He was highly respected by all Turkish lifters and his personality was highly appreciated. He immigrated to Australia mid 70s, he now lives in Melbourne together with his wife Teressa.

:: 8/21/2007: SURRINDER S. Dhah, Fresno ca., U.S.A.
Gyozo Veres used to train alone. He did not like to train with the other team members. He was not much fond of the coaches, either.

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