Hossein Rezazadeh

:: 7/9/2022: Peter, , Canada
Has anyone out there remembered or even known that this guy's lifting seems to have been a tad off balance. Maybe the right side of his body stronger than the left. He always, in both snatch and c&j, grabbed the bar with more space between the inside collar and his right hand than his left. His left hand was always closer to the inner collar than his right hand was.

:: 12/16/2020: Gerhard Peya, Vienna , Austria
World Championship 1999 - 205kg Snatch

:: 10/25/2016: ashu, , Germany
477.5 DANIELJAN Ashot (inoff.) ??? 476.0 TARANENKO Leonid 1988 475.0 LOVCHEV Aleksei (Doping) 2015 473.5 REZAZADEH Hossein 2004 473.0 TALAKHADZE Lasha 2016 473.0 SALIMIKORDASIABI Behdad 2011 472.5 KURLOVICH Alexander 1987 468.0 KRASTEV Antonio 1987 467.5 WELLER Ronny 2000 466.0 GUNYASHEV Alexander 1984 465.0 PISARENKO Anatoly 1984 465.0 DANIELJAN Ashot (Doping) 2000 465.0 SCERBATIS Viktors 2003

:: 10/25/2016: ashu, , Germany
266.0 TARANENKO Leonid 1988 265.0 PISARENKO Anatoly 1984 264.0 LOVCHEV Aleksei (Doping) 2015 263.5 REZAZADEH Hossein 2004 262.5 CHEMERKIN Andrey 1997 262.5 DANIELJAN Ashot (inoff.) ??? 261.0 DIDYK Sergey 1983 260.0 MARCHUK Vladimir 1982 260.0 KURLOVICH Alexander 1983 260.0 NERLINGER Manfred 1988 260.0 WELLER Ronny 1998 260.0 KIM Tae-Hyun 2000 260.0 SCERBATIS Viktors 2003 260.0 ALBEGOV Ruslan 2012

:: 10/25/2016: ashu, , Germany
217.0 SALIMIKORDASIABI B. 2011 (inoff./NC) 216.5 SYPKO Evgeny 1990 216.0 KRASTEV Antonio 1987 216.0 SALIMIKORDASIABI Behdad 2016 215.0 KURLOVICH Alexander 1989 215.0 TALAKHADZE Lasha 2016 215.0 DANIELJAN Ashot (inoff./NC) ??? 213.0 REZAZADEH Hossein 2003 212.5 GUNYASHEV Alexander 1988 211.0 CHIGISHEV Eugene 2005 211.0 LOVCHEV Aleksei (Doping) 2015 210.0 LEVANDOVSKY Alexander 1987 210.0 ZAKHAREVICH Yury 1988 210.0 TARANENKO Leonid 1988 210.0 WELLER Ronny 2000 210.0 JABER Saaed Salem 2001 210.0 KOKLYAEV Mikhail 2003 210.0 UDACHIN Artem 2003 210.0 ALBEGOV Ruslan 2014 210.0 MINASYAN Gor 2016

:: 8/6/2016: Roberto César Valdés García, Monterrey Nuevo León, México
Hossein Rezazadeh (105kg+, IRI). His 263.5kg clean and jerk at the Athens 2004 Olympics and this was before the plate loading rule change, he opened at 250kg and smashed it which gave him the Olympic title then he broke the clean and jerk world record with this lift, but it didn't count towards his total so he got credited for 262.5kg (totaled 472.5 with 210/262.5), weird rule, so in May the next year the IWF enforced the 1kg rule which is how barbell loadings are performed today, much better rule in my opinion.

:: 7/9/2016: Ben Liberman, sao paulo sp, brazil
please can anyone explain me how 210+263.5=472.5?

:: 11/17/2013: Sina, , canada
as far as I know ,rezazadeh's best record even in training is not higher than what he has as record (213 and 263.5) he was the best in competition .

:: 11/17/2013: Sina, , canada
Kevin, I am talking about another iranian guy , saied alihosseini ,who has junior records. saied in 2009 cleaned and jerked 270 kilo. I just can find the link of news not a video.When I was in iran i have checked that with a witness who saw that lift.I now that was not happened in the official event, so I don't want to refer to that as an unofficial record. I only wanted to talk about saied and his career.If he could continue weightlifting possibly broke the taranenko record.He was more powerful than Behad Saimi or Albegov.

:: 11/17/2013: Kevin St. John, Rochester NY, USA
Sina, Are you saying there is video of Rezazedeh doing the 215+270 because I would love to see it? I don't doubt it's possibility I just want to see that much weight over someones head for real because it must be awesome.

:: 11/17/2013: sina, , canada
Sorry 215+270=485 is correct.I found the news link.

:: 11/17/2013: Sina, , canada
Unfortunately ,nobody talks about said aliehosseini' Iranian superman who has junior world record .as he did not find the chance to attend at world champion so there is not anything about him in this wonderful site. 206+245=451 as official record at 20 years old and several months later unofficial records which is unbelievable 215+265=480 I can find the link of internal contest at 2009.he is a victim of doping.nobody here believe he did that.rezazadeh is still under pressure for his doping story.he could be the second taranenko,but Iranian.

:: 5/14/2013: Kevin St. John, Rochester N.Y., USA
I don't know for sure why Rezazadeh retired, could have been injury or other health problems. Tarenenko may have stuck around a long time because it was his profession and didn't have post career options ready until he was in his 40's. I DO believe he was a product of the Soviet system which seemed to produce athletes with longer careers unlike the Bulgarians and those who followed their training concepts. I don't know much about what type of system Iran uses for training. It could all be apples and oranges. After seeing some training vids of Rezazadeh I know he was one strong SOB in terms of his absolute strength. He didn't really improve that much during his career though from the 1999 WC until retirement.

:: 5/13/2013: john coniff, wheeling wv, usa
another fact: rezazedeh only lasted 8 years until he was only 28 yrs. old Tarenen+ko lasted 17 years lifted until he was 40.clearly the better man.

:: 5/13/2013: john coniff, wheeling wv, usa
danielyan only shows 457.5 total??.tarenenko is the highest at 475. how r u doing kevin?good to see u around. best john

:: 5/8/2013: mal irwin, Brisbane Qld, Australia
No-one seems likely to top his total officially anytime soon. Comparison between eras is difficult, compare other weight classes in 1998 v today. 82.5 v 85; 90 v 94. As robert says, dual Olympic championshio is a rare achievement

:: 5/7/2013: Robert, Melbourne , Australia
Sorry... thanks KEVIN!

:: 5/7/2013: Robert, Melbourne , Australia
Thanks John, you never know, it's a small world. As I said, I your comments were justified in light of some earlier comments. Anyway, it seems we do share a love of the sport.

:: 5/7/2013: Kevin St. John, Rochester N.Y., USA
Forgive me Robert. It would seem that you have better access to information than I do. It's just that I am a real stickler for the rules and hate when people are bragging about who is better. Both Danyelian and Rezazedeh were great, One a double Olympic champ, but I just feel you can only compare by official, legal lifts. If I were still a drinking man I buy you a pint and shake hands to make friends. However, we are half a world away so unlikely to happen. Best wishes.

:: 5/4/2013: Robert, Melbourne , Australia
I totally understand that John's and Kevin's comments were justified in response to some earlier misinformed (some ridiculous) remarks by others but let's not hijack Rezazadeh's profile page with this topic and just recognise that he was a great, dual Olympic champion.

:: 5/4/2013: Robert, Melbourne , Australia
Calm down Kevin, you're not the only one who's been around more than a couple of years :-) I competed at international events where both Krastev and Taranenko took part, have spoken to both and respect both their achievements. The simple facts are that the highest official records (i.e in tested events) are Krastev's 216kg and Taranenko's 266kg jerk and 475kg total. The highest ever in official contests (whether domestic or not, they were calendar events under official conditions) are 217kg snatch by Salimi and 477,5kg. total by Daniellyan. All these efforts are recognised by weightlifters in one way or another. As someone who has been around more than a couple of years, you would also know that in the 80's whether competitions were tested or not often (to borrow your phrase) didn't mean didleysquat :-)

:: 5/3/2013: Kevin St. John, Rochester N.Y., USA
Sorry John I misspelled your name!

:: 5/3/2013: Kevin St. John, Rochester N.Y., USA
Sorry but 476.5 was not a contest total so it doesn't mean didleysquat. Danyelian didn't make his total in a record approved, tested meet so that only counts on youtube. I've seen it, he did it, but it was at some local meet with no approved testing. It's not legit. It may as well have been a training day. Tarenenko has the highest tested Total and also the highest C+J. Krastav has the highest snatch as well at 216. For those of us who have actually been around more than a couple of years these represent the TRUE SUPER'S RECORDS. Thank you Jon C.

:: 5/3/2013: Robert , , Australia
This is the biggest contest total ever - 477.5kg (215+262.5) by Ashot Danielyan (Armenia). http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8MgotTQagxo

:: 5/2/2013: john coniff, wheeling wv, usa
rezazadeh totaled 472.5 not 476.5 meaning tarenenko did 475. 210/265.rezazadeh did 212.5/260.475 is larger than 472.5

:: 4/21/2013: Yashar, San Antonio Texas, US
Please talk only based on statistics. Definitely Rezazadeh is ruling the realm of super heavy-weightlifting by general record of 213+263.5 = 476.5 during his courier. Even if you know someone, which I doubt it, that has surpassed the single competition total of 210+263.5 = 473.5 which is Rezazadeh's record at Athens 2004 that does not mean they can be assumed stronger than Rezazadeh since he still has the world record based on statistics over his courier which is 213+263.5 = 476.5 which is above all.

:: 2/21/2013: john coniff, wheeling wv, usa
leonid tarenenko is the strongest w/l who ever lived . he totaled 475 kg,210 -265.

:: 2/21/2013: john coniff, wheeling wv, usa
leonid tarenenko is the strongest w/l who ever lived . he totaled 475 kg,210 -265.

:: 8/10/2012: M. Moghadam, Stuttgart Stuttgart, Germany
Dear Mr. Rezazadeh, I wanted to appreciate Iran's Team, who won medals during such a hard competition as Olympic. I'm an Iranian student in Germany, I'm really proud of my Teams. Sincerely, M M

:: 8/3/2012: hossein, tehran , iran
in 2004 olympic games his record is 263.5+210=473.5 kg not 472.5, please edit it.

:: 8/5/2011: Lifter, , BG
Objectively Pisarenko had the best chances to hit the 500 total. Razazadeh was strong more in the powerlifting way while Pisarenko had the power. They both became victims of the doping witch hunt.

:: 2/16/2010: darius, houston tx, us
for sure the greates supper lifter , he could pass the 500 mark if he would continue. too bad he could not stand up againt his goverment and they sacked him. there woun't be one like him for a while

:: 2/15/2010: Chris, Bowral NSW, Australia
He is no doubt the strongest man alive. I'm talking of functional strength though. There may be others that can deadlift or bench more, but to have enough power to move the bar fast and overhead is true strength and power that can be put to use anywhere. http://www.endlesshumanpotential.com

:: 12/30/2009: RF Johns, Cambridge Ontario, Canada
This fellow is probably finished suffering from the same malady that all super heavy weights have high blood pressure. I really thought that back in 1976 they would soon reach the over 600lb mark in only a few years but this has not come about.

:: 11/20/2009: sonny, , Australia
despite their massive population i find it very unlikely that an indian will cross the magic mark. They don't have the muscle mass of people in the Caucasus region. On top of that hardly any of them weigh more than 105 kgs.

:: 6/17/2009: José A. Santos Ferreira, Barueri São Paulo, Brasil
Hossein Reza Zadeh lifted 467.5 kg (212.5+255.0) in the Total (2000 Olympics Games). World Record before 472.0 (standardized) kilograms, current WR. Why i don't see this result in World Records by Reza Zadeh.

:: 5/7/2009: hemant, pilani rajasthan, india
You are good Rezazadeh, but very soon an INDIAN weightlifter will break the 500 kg magic mark, waight he is coming soon AND THE WHOLE WORLD WILL SEE.

:: 9/24/2008: Manny Olmo, Brewster NY, USA
Hi H. As an olymplic lifter myself, can you tell me what your training program consists of? You're the greatest lifter of all time!!! Take Care!!! Manny Olmo

:: 10/22/2007: bob, , US
not to be mean but on his 2004 olympic total is is supposed to be 473.5

:: 8/21/2007: mmm, redmond wa, usa
nmkihydcvg nnnmju

:: 6/30/2007: Mr. Pradeep Patil, Kurundwad Maharashtra, India
REZAZADEH is the icon of strength in human species, and I wish that he crosses 500 Kg magic mark very soon!

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