Masashi Ohuchi

:: 2/14/2020: Marco Bagozzi, Italy, Italy
I have a curiosity to ask you about Masashi Ohuchi. In a Hungarian newspaper I read that he did not participate in the World Championships of 1965 and 1966 because he was disqualified for competing with Chinese (extra-IOC) athletes in the games of the ganefo. is it correct? congratulations for your website: wonderful!

:: 12/1/2010: G.H. Massiha, Lafayette Louisiana, USA
Mr. Ohuchi finised first in 75 kg catagory in 1966 Asian games. The results for 67.5 and 75 kg should be swapped as Mr. Jalayer won the 67.5 kg catagory.

:: 3/24/2010: Steve Wanvig, Burnsville Minnesota, USA
One of Ohuchi's most amazing feats was his 152.5 WR snatch in 82.5 class in Warsaw, '69. This lift also exceeded the record standard of the next higher class, the middleheavyweight, or 90 kg. category. Mind-blowing.

:: 8/21/2007: Surrinder Dhah, Fresno ca., U.S.A.
Masashi Ohuchi was the first Middle weight [75kg.] to Snatch double his bodyweight [150kgs].

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