Yoshinobu Miyake

:: 7/16/2018: frank howgate, dewsbury west yorks, u k
miyake and berger were my favourite lifters and I would love to meet them both eventually

:: 3/6/2018: roger zarzycki, bethlehem pa, united states of america
yoshinobu miyake was the first man to snatch over double bodyweight.

:: 6/5/2010: Paul OHearn, Ridgeland SC, USA
I first saw Myake at the 63 USA Nationals in 1963 in Harrisburg, PA AND i COULDN'T HAVE BEEN MORE IMPRESSED. His style was perfect.

:: 3/24/2010: Steve Wanvig, Burnsville Minnesota, USA
One of the greatest of all-time. Two Olympic titles. 25 world records. One of the unique things about Yoshinobu and his brother, Yoshiyuki, was their slow clean pull. They'd ease the bar off the floor, and they looked like they could barely deadlift it. Then when it was waist high--BOOM!--they'd be under it in a flash.

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