Alexander Kurlovich

:: 9/19/2019: AJAX, , USA
Great lifter who received some bad calls. Little better snatch than lenoid about same c&j but when the weight is that high even one pound feels like a ton !! He just could not put his best snatch and c&j together at the same time ... he would have 480 kg total ! And he only 130 kg body weight he is part of history now RIP bless his family he and lenoid push each other and he was happy for lenoid in canberra. They are the two best supers

:: 4/6/2018: arthur chidlovski, Boston MA, US
Sad news from Grodno, Belarus - Alexander Kurlovich died at 56.

:: 10/1/2016: Damon Buckner, St. Joseph MO, United States
Overall Kurlovich was simply the best and consistant superheavy weight champion.

:: 10/6/2013: john coniff, wheeling wv, usa
Kevin,You're right Tarenenko totaled 475in Canberra. Also he has c&j 260 or more than anyone.

:: 9/26/2013: Kevin St. John, Rochester N.Y., USA
According to information at this site Teranenko did a 462.5 total at Cardiff in the 1988 Europeans with no successful world records. He did clean 267.5 and nearly jerked it, there's video of it on you tube. Were you referring to another competition at Cardiff, John? I am not aware of any others which featured Teranenko at Cardiff. He made a 475 total in Australia in 1988 a few months after the Olympics, where he did 210 + 266 for the 475. Anyway, he and Kurlovitch were pushing each other for that time period and we fans got to see the great results.

:: 9/25/2013: john coniff, wheelind wv, usa
Kuurlovitch snatched 205 and c & j 250more often than anyone.Probably greatest super ever.6 time world champ and consistent.Totaled 457.5 at 33 years old.long career.

:: 7/2/2013: john coniff, wheeling wv, usa
taranenko lifted the highest total of anyone 210 - 265-for 475.This was done in 1987 in Cardiff, wales actually c&j 266kg,and a 267.5 clean.

:: 2/1/2013: Claus Mikkelsen, Horsens , denmark
The greatest of all times... :O)

:: 11/22/2011: rick maynard, launceston tas, australia
What can you say Alexander Kurlovich is the greatest lifter ever, a clinical technician, the speed and brilliance of the man when he competed was just mind blowing. This man has inspired me at the age of fifty to lift weights again, and i hope to get into shape to compete in our Masters competition here in Tasmania, Australia.

Alexander Kurlovich is a hestorical weightlifter, I'd say he is one of the best lifters all over the world at all the time,his physical fittness was amazing for the class of superheavy weight, his technique and style are perfect.

:: 2/11/2011: matthew.ciancio, melb vic, australia
the perfect super heavy.....his physic should represent what a super should be about.....215 & he got ripped of with 266

:: 8/9/2009: Zoltan Kovacs, Budapest , Hungary
He was a fantastic lifter. Ideal phisique, ideal technique. (His bodyweight was about 130 kgs.)

:: 6/4/2009: mike sheard, , great britain

:: 5/31/2009: José Adalton S. Ferreira, Barueri São Paulo, Brasil
Alexander Kurlovich lifted 457.5 kg in Total (205.0+253.0) and not 203.0+253.0=455.0 kg, (WC 1994 in Istanbul).

:: 9/28/2008: mike larden, , united kingdom
kurlovich has done a 266 kg cleana and jerk matching our best by tarananko, i think just as good, he had a weird left elbow problem tho !!!

:: 9/23/2008: Dmitriy Yershov, colorado springs colorado, united states
The greates super heavyweight in the sport of weightlifting that ever lived. 215 kg snatch and 260 kg clean and jerk. Just can't belive the 1987 WWC judgement on the 266 kg clean and jerk in my opinion the lift was great and should have been counted, with that lift it would have been the highest total in history 212.5+266; 478.5 kg

:: 2/25/2008: Stephen Powell, Irmo SC, U.S.
Phenominal technician. Had the pleasure of meeting him in 1999 At the Jr. Worlds in Savannah Ga. where he was an official. Very nice man. He stopped to answer a few questions and posed for a few photos. One of my weightlifting highlights.

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