Peter Baczako

:: 1/7/2017: Gioacchino Ricci, Rome , Italy
Also Shary was moved down to 82.5 and failed, - The ompetition with Pavlov got both bombed out, - USSR lost 3 Gold medals. -82.5 - 90 and 100 - a disaster like the wall of Berlin....

:: 1/7/2017: Gioacchino Ricci, Rome , Italy
Bulgarian Rumen ALEXANDROV defeated both Shary and Bessonov, so, to beat him at the 1980 Olympics, the USSR moved Rigert from 100 to 90kg, the stress was too high and Rigert failed, nor USSR won in the 100kg, where Rigert would easily won, - But this Peter Baczako defeated Rumen ALEXANDROV, showing that the sacrifice of Rigert was not necessary, - USSR lost two gold medals....

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