Lee James

:: 8/17/2018: Kevin St. John, NY, US
Where was I July 25, 1976? I was about 12 rows back from the stage at Mt. Saint Michel Arena cheering for Lee.

:: 10/8/2012: David Tatlock, No. Dartmouth MA, USA
with backing, Lee James could have redefined American weightlifting. I see that the heart was sucked out of this monumental sport at the rate American football took over American colleges. Last thought: International Weightlifting events, and their organizers, should replace the United Nations; and Lee James be the example of American grace, strength, and cooperation. Sound good?

:: 6/11/2009: J. Persaud, portland or, U.S.A.
I read that Lee James had to overcome a knee injury after his 1976 campaign. It makes you wonder if indeed had he been fortunate enough to stay healthy that he would've won a gold in 1980. Either way he was amazing even after his injury.

:: 7/13/2008: Don Weideman, Elk Grove CA, USA
Lee James was a hero for me, with a little luck he would have been a World Champion. What a talent!

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