Robert Santavy

:: 12/12/2020: Dalas Santavy , Sarnia Ontario, Canada
Shauns comment on my fathers best lifts is wrong ! His best snatch was 155kg clean and jerk was 205kg!

:: 6/10/2019: Ronald Johns, Kitchener Ontario, Canada
I remember seeing Bob must have been 1970 missing locking out a c&j overhead and weight came down fast and just missed hitting his head.When you lift such heavy weights anything can happen. Another rumour about Bob that gave lifters the chuckles how he missed the jerk in a school gym with weight came down fast ,going through floor and hitting and breaking the bottom of pool underneath. He wasn't invited back!

:: 12/26/2018: Arthur Chidlovski, Boston MA, US
My belated condolences with the loss of your father in June. Thank you for letting me know. Happy Holiday Season to you and your family!

:: 12/23/2018: Dalas Santavy, Plympton Wyoming Ontario, Canada
Good day! I would just like to say My father Bob Santavy passed away June of 2018:( Also not sure why you havent mentioned the strongest Canadian pound for pound on your wesite ? Boady Santavy has snatched the biggest weight ever in Canadian history and has a pound for pound best total. He has a medal in the 2018 Commonwealth Games, represented Canada in the 2015 Pan American Games and competed in 4 junior worlds, competed in 3 senior worlds to name a few. Also Dalas Santavy has represented Canada in 1998 Commonwealth Games, 2006 Commonwealth Games, 2007 Pan American Games, 2005 Senior World Championships, Has coached for team Canada at 4 junior worlds, Commonwealth Games 2018, 3 Senior worlds etc. Anyway i thought i would give you some back ground. Merry Christmas and happy new year

:: 8/3/2009: Shaun Le Conte, Sarnia Ontario, Canada
Best competition lifts in 100 kg: 147.5, 187.5

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